Warehouse custody requires no investment (either in construction or equipment); requires constant monitoring of the work; does not require the presence of workers on part of the customer.

Many organizations in its activities related to transport logistics and warehousing, as necessary move goods, store, protect others. All of this together can create big problems, especially for a company that itself is not engaged in logistics. The problem arises at the stage of deciding on the purchase of stock (purchase, construction, lease) and during the process of organizing and keeping in stock the appropriate workflow.

Responsible storage – modern logistics service that aims to address these problems.

Warehousing fits all, without exception, companies like that are long, and those who have just started their activities and optimize their business processes.
This service makes it possible to remove the arms warehouse management issue and deal exclusively with business without drowning in a lot of small problems that always accompany any warehousing.

The firm will not have to choose to invest in the development or production of which has already turned into a narrow neck and hinders the work.

Despite the fact that the logistics service in our company used to store most of the goods that in the future we will transport to another city for sale to the customer, this service provides individuals for personal storage. It can be pieces of furniture (tables, cabinets, chairs, etc.), office equipment and documents, winter and summer clothing, sports equipment, children’s clothes. But there are things that we do not accept deposit. It creatures, animals, any plants, weapons (as well as its parts and ammunition), items of high risk (with dangerous properties) objects, consisting or containing dangerous substances (explosive, flammable, radioactive or toxic substances or gases ) things that emit steam or strong odors, goods, perishable (food).

Additional services custody

Cargo handling

Sorting and completing orders

Packing cargo for storage and transportation

Address withdrawal and delivery of goods

Placing your workplace employee

Stickering goods

The main differences custody of the lease are as follows:

Payment for the useful area

When renting a room you pay for the entire area of the leased premises, irrespective of the percentage of its use, while at the responsible storage you pay storage of goods into the storage. For example, if you have in stock is nothing, you pay nothing, but always know that you have a warehouse, you can always count on.

Your location meets the needs

The leased space is physically limited by walls, floor and ceiling, so if your volume will exceed the amount of storage space, you need new or additional space. In custody, as a rule, have the opportunity to seamlessly expand.

Machinery and equipment

In addition to rent, premises equipment needs, purchase handling equipment, repair, all while keeping compliance is required.

Additional Services

In the process, the composition may be a need for some additional services (such as pallets) that the composition easily process the custody and their own warehouse can not be solved at all, or it will be unnecessarily long and expensive.

All this – the strong arguments in favor in order to pass their commodity flows management professional company such as “Ukrmedpostach” and thus save on rent and maintenance of its own staff, staff specialists and line staff.

And finally ...

I would add that stocks custody, with all the obvious advantages, not omnipotent, not comprehensive and not free. Absolutely versatile compositions while too few and their absolute universality scientists have not yet proven.)) But stocks custody constantly prove that unsolvable problems did not.